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Back End Web Development Training in Abuja

Learn how to develop simple and complex web applications using PHP, MYSQL, and Apache Server in Abuja.  This is a comprehensive back end website development training program for anyone with key interest in learning the programing technologies behind dynamic websites and web applications.  

The 'back end' of a website is a combination of technology and programming that powers a website, it is where all the processing, data storage and retrieval of information takes place. It consists of three parts that a user never sees: an application, a database, and a server.

Back end developers are responsible for creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back end. These includes the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API and other back end processes.


Back End Web Development Tools 

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A powerful server side scripting language for developing dynamic websites & simple to complex web applications. 

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Structured Query Language used  for  relational database management & administration 

apache web server http

Apache web server is used to store, process & deliver web pages or contents to users over the internet.


 Frequently Asked questions

  • Where can I learn website design & development  in Abuja ?
  • Where can I learn HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Bootstrap, Javasript in Abuja ?
  • Where can I learn Computer in Abuja ? 
  • Where can I find an affordable website training center in Abuja?
  • Which website programing language should I learn ?

If your answer to any, or all these questions is yes, then contact us today for guidiance on how to achieve your goals 


At Skilltouch Website Development Training Center Abuja, we train each student to master all the necessary web development tools required to power simple to complex web applications, manage databases, and configure servers so that front end users can experience a free flowing and fully functional Web applications




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