There are so many things one has to put in place to get a desired position and as well secure it. Many people are irreplaceable in their position because various steps were taken and they also trying to be the best in what they are doing.


Reasons Why They Are Irreplaceable

1. They acquired the right ICT skill needed for their job: Getting a job is not all but securing the job is the most important thing one need to focus on after getting your desire job. It is often said that "getting to the top is very easily but remaining at the top is the most difficult thing to do". In other to be irreplaceable in your position in 21st century, it is a necessity that one acquired the required ICT skill for the job. If  you want to irreplaceable get a ICT skill, don't rely on paper work alone even you are excellent in paper work learn another way to get work done better and faster. This is one of the secret of being irreplaceable.


2. They keep updating their boss every time: When you keep updating your boss with daily task of the office both pending and completed task. You are most likely to win his love and hence you are open to bigger opportunities or position, if you are lucky. He would trust you with the office’s decisions and you may make the acting boss in his absence. Thus transparency is the success.


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3. They make themselves indispensable: You too can find out your boss’ aims and ambition for the company and make him feel you share the same goals or suggest how to make it better; this will make you indispensable/irreplaceable in quote, thus their boss or organisation has no option but to retain or keep you for as long as possible.


4. They are proactive in almost all aspect of the office task: Take initiative with new projects right at the time when he is thinking of allotting them to people in the office. This will show your passion towards work and make him feel less overwhelmed. Be his right hand, but do not overload yourself with too much work or everything might go to the other way around.


5. They do their work diligently: This is the most important weapon you have. Wedge it well. You see the reason you were employed, never take it for granted. This is the best way to get him drooling. Be the best at what you do. Always meet the target. Passing it will be an extra point for you. This is primary and everything else is secondary, does it well and every other thing shall be added unto you.


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They know their boss’ priority: If you want to win or retain your job for long, it is very important to dedicate time for yourself to know his/her priorities (what he or she is expected of you in next 1 hour), if you happen to be the man who knows exactly what is going to come next in your boss’s mind you are almost there, being the apple of his eye. He or she will see himself or herself in you. You would be like his mirror image. That is the perfect way to get closer to your boss.


They are always smart: Nobody really likes dumb people, unless they are family and we don’t have a choice. With him, be very smart and articulate. Always remember you discussion in the past, especially names. Try as much as possible not to forget people’s names and other vital things when it comes to working. If possible write it down in a jotter, notebook even on your phone.


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