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Are you a beginner or No programming knowledge? No matter where you are in your Python programming journey, SkillTouch ICT Hub is here to help you along the way to achieve your programming dream.

In the last 3years the demand for Python programming language within the job market has increase tremendously for both beginners and professionals edging out some top programming language. According to popular resources like GitHub and Stack Overflow in 2019, it's trending as the second most popular language in the world.

Now, it is no longer news on the above mention resources but also on Quora, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram that Python, the fastest-growing major programming language, has risen in the ranks of programming to the most demand programming language and recommended for an entire beginner.


Why Choose Python?
There are many languages out there, so what makes Python standout in 2020 - 2021:
1. It is a prototype language (More English like nature).
2. It syntax is very simple and short, best for beginners.
3. It supports large volume of libraries and functions. (mathematics, statistic, engineer, science and many more)
4. It is an interpreter language unlike Java and the rest programming language
5. It is best for machine learning and data science.


What you can do with Python Skill
Consider your desire and your career goal from the 9 major programming jobs; Python score 8 out of 9.
1. Software Application
2. Database Administrator
3. Web Development (Back End Developer)
4. Business Intelligence Analyst
5. Game Development
6. Computer Systems Engineering
7. Network System Administrator
8. Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Which computer coding jobs catch your attention?
Now that you have the knowledge of the power of python programming language, which of the job portfolio catches your attention, dream, or your career focus, get train with SkillTouch today, and get your foot in the door of one of these computer coding jobs with confidence.

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 Frequently Asked questions on Python Programming
  • Where can learn python programming in Abuja FCT ?
  • Where can I learn data science ?
  • Where can I learn machine learning ? 
  • Where can I find an affordable python training school near me here in Abuja FCT?
  • What python profession should I learn ?
  • What can I do with python skill
  • How much salary can I get as a python developer ?

If your answer to any, or all these questions is yes, then contact us today for guidiance on how to achieve your goals 

At Skilltouch Python Programming Training School Abuja, we train each student to master all the necessary computer skills required to develop python application no matter how  complex or robust it may be.


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