16 Tips to Make Your Boss Like You.

Success in the workplace is all about making or doing the right thing at the right time, doing all that is expected of you as a worker/staff, working with new or existing team for the common goal of the organization. Performing well at work is important, but the most effective people are the ones who work well with other associates at work. Constructing a solid relationship with your boss will give you a better understanding of his or her expectations. Here are 16 tips to make your boss like you and to win his or her approval:

1. Keep your boss updated every time

When you keep updating your boss with daily task of the office both pending and completed task, you are most likely to win his love and hence you are open to bigger opportunities or position, if you are lucky. He would trust you with the office’s decisions and you may make the acting boss in his absence. Thus transparency is the key to success.

2. Know your boss’ priority

As a man who wants to win the love of his/her boss it is very important to dedicate time for yourself to know his/her priorities (what he or she is expected of you in next 1 hour). If you happen to be the man who knows exactly what is going to come next in your boss’ mind, you are almost there, being the apple of his eye. He or she will see himself or herself in you. You would be like his mirror image. That is the perfect way to get closer to your boss.

3. Make yourself indispensable

Find out your boss’ aims and ambition for the company and make him feel you share the same goals or suggest how to make it better. This will make you Mr. or Mrs. Dependable for him and thus he has no option but to like you every moment.


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4. Know your weaknesses and improve on it

Also it is not enough to know your strength alone without knowing your weakness. Identify your weakness and try as much as possible to work and adjust even if is as low as 2-5% daily, weekly or monthly. If you can do this often you are on your to earn your boss support and love.

5. Respect your boss and never take him/her for a ride

No matter how much the power your boss gives you, do not let it get into your head or start feeling arrogant. It’s always a good emotion to feel like a king, but remember the king-maker has a bigger role to play. Also, no matter how knowledgeable you are, job portfolio and qualifications never try to ride your boss. Always stay grounded and make your boss feel how he has emerged as a winner in taking the company to new heights and he possesses great leadership qualities. This will give him the idea that you respect his efforts. Empathy is always going to take you ahead.

6. Apologize when you make mistake and try to avoid such mistakes

Try as much as possible to apologize for your mistakes, don’t make reasons or excuse for your mistake because your boss only paying your accuracy not the mistakes so, be the first to apologize and ask him for time to rectify your mistakes. This will give him an idea that you work with an objective approach towards work and also shows your honesty, sincerity and commitment towards work.

7. Do your best to work together

Working better with your boss will help you in preserving and strengthening relationships. Try to see it as an opportunity to work with your boss on any project. Perceive yourself as a partner with your boss on the dedicated project.

8. Be proactive

Take initiative with new projects right at the time when he is thinking of allotting them to people in the office. This will show your passion towards work and make him feel less overwhelmed. Be his right hand, but do not overload yourself with too much work or everything might go the other way around.

9. Make sure you’re on the same page about expectations

Try to find out common interests between you and your boss and have a conversation with him sometimes about the similarities. This will help you in making a good personal rapport with him and he would adore you more than anybody else in the office. Talk with your manager about your goals and priorities for the year and what success would look like for you, and make sure she agrees. This should include talking about what you won’t be prioritizing as well – an area that often goes unaddressed and ends up causing problems. Often explicitly discussing these topics can bring conflicting assumptions to the surface—and solve them.

10. Remember the important occasions in his life

Always try to remember your boss’ special days like his birthday or marriage anniversary. It will work like a jackpot for you to impress him with your courtesy and great memory. After that requesting for a summer vacation would never be a problem at all.


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11. Do your work

This is the most important weapon you have. Wedge it well. You see the reason you were employed, never take it for granted. This is the best way to get him drooling. Be the best at what you do. Always meet the target. Passing it will be an extra point for you. This is primary and everything else is secondary. Do it well and every other thing shall be added unto you!

12. Be smart
Nobody really likes dumb people, unless they are family and we don’t have a choice. With him, be very smart and articulate. Always remember your discussion in the past, especially names. Try as much as possible not to forget people’s names and other vital things when it comes to working. If possible write it down in a notepad.

13. Pay attention to what kinds of questions your boss asks so you get a better understanding of the types of things she cares about.

By paying attention to what your boss asks or seems worried about, you can often draw larger messages about the sorts of things that she’ll care about in the future. For instance, you might notice that your boss always asks about your plan for ensuring the monthly mailing doesn’t get delayed, or how you’re covering X and Y while people are out for the holidays. If you learn to anticipate those things in advance and address them before she has to ask, you’ll be every manager’s dream.


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14. Suggest solutions whenever you can.

Sure, you could just bring your boss a problem and say, “What should I do about X?” But you’ll make it easier for both of you if you say, “Here’s the situation with X. I’ve thought about A, B, and C, and I think we should do C because ___. Does that sound right to you?”

15. Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.

Inevitably, there will be things about your job or your boss that frustrate you and which you can’t change or control. Rather than focusing on things that you can’t do much about (like a manager who regularly cancels your weekly meeting), think about what you can do (such as saying, “I know you’re really busy, but can I talk to your assistant and get 10 minutes on your calendar?”).

16. Don’t take things personally.

There are going to be times when you have a different point of view than your manager. In these cases, you should advocate for what you believe, and if you think your boss is making a mistake, part of your job is to explain why. But if your boss ultimately picks a different route or sticks to her different opinion, it’s helpful to have reasonably thick skin. Don’t take things personally, and keep your ego out of it.


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