What Are Computers Used For?

Just about every business you can think of uses computers in one way or another to carry out its functions. From generating reports to communicating with clients, computers do a lot for the efficiency with which a business is run. The computer has brought the business a long way from the age of pen and paper, and folders stored in dusty storage compartments. The uses of a computer are simply endless.


Not only do businesses use computers to carry out different functions, they also use many different types of computers to carry out those functions. These functions include laptops, PCs, servers, and even smartphones. Because of computers, concepts such as flexible working schedules and remote work forces have become possible – enabling employees to work from wherever they want and at whatever times they wish.

Computers Are Used for Communication

When it comes to establishing contact with clients, computers are a vital tool; they are also vital when it comes to maintaining that contact. This is a very important computer application in business, enabling a business to communicate with its clients via email, IM, Skype, collaboration software, and via various other communication solutions that a business might wish to use.


When a business can keep in touch with its clients, it becomes easier for the clients to make inquiries of the business or to ask for more information about the services and products the business offers. It also becomes easier for the business to offer customer support to its clients in a timely, efficient manner. The business will also be able to keep the clients updated about any new developments concerning the business.

Communication goes beyond a business' clients. A business also needs to communicate with its employees, and computers play an important role. Rather than have time-wasting one-on-one meetings with employees, managers can simply email their employees or they can message them on any other acceptable communication platform. This saves time, and it also improves the internal communication of the business.

Computers Are Used for Marketing

Computers allow a business to perform a variety of tasks. For starters, with the help of the internet, computers help put a business on the map. With a computer, a business’s team of IT developers can create a professional website complete with enticing graphics and content with different forms of media, such as text, images, and videos. They can do search engine optimization – SEO – for the website so that it appears prominently in Google’s search results, which then attracts traffic, which, ultimately, will enable the business to sell those products to website visitors.

With a computer, a business can create and execute entire marketing campaigns that span across every social media platform on the internet. The business can create ads to run on websites and social media platforms, using special software, and it can also buy marketing services from other businesses – all connected to the internet. The computer is likely the greatest marketing device ever built!

Computers Are Used for Accounting

Accounting is a function in which accuracy is of the utmost importance. When you perform accounting functions – and you have nothing nothing except pen and paper - and you're relying solely on brain power, you expose yourself to errors. Accounting software helps prevent that from happening.

Accounting software enables a business to quickly and accurately obtain large- and small-scale pictures of the company's financial situation. All the employees need to do is to input his financial information into the software and – with a few clicks – the employees understand everything about the financial health of the business' operations.

Computers are also critical for tasks such as invoicing clients; maintaining data about debtors and creditors; calculating payroll, calculating and filing tax forms, as well as for a lot of other functions.

With the computer, accountants can now focus on the higher level picture of a business’s finances, leaving the lower level stuff to the machines.

Computers Are Used for Storage

Businesses have come a long way from the era of filing cabinets thanks to computers. Although a filing cabinet will occupy a very large space but will store only a small amount of information, a computer will occupy only a fraction of that space but it will store thousands of times the amount of information. With computers and servers, businesses are able to store and sort millions of files, to enable the business to access at any time.

Computers also enable a business to store its data in different ways. The business could store the data in a central location, and it could have other computers on the network access the data whenever the business needs to; when the business has the permission to; or, when the business could store the data locally on individual computers.

Not only is digital storage much larger than physical storage in terms of capacity, but it is also much more efficient because of the level of sorting that takes place, which is one of the greatest benefits of the computer. Digital storage is also more secure, as it is more difficult to lose or steal files from a well-protected database.

Computers Are Used to Produce Documents

Most businesses will need to produce numerous documents, either in the form of written documents or spreadsheets. Computers provide word processors and spreadsheet software to help with this.

With these two types of software, a business can generate virtually everything, from memos to letters to tutorials to reports to ads for the company’s services and products or company events.

With spreadsheet applications, a business has the power to manipulate alphanumeric data and organize it into tables, charts, graphs, and reports. Another kind of software that businesses make use of is presentation software. With presentation software, a business can make slides for presentations, either internal ones or external ones meant for clients. Businesses can also make letters, memos, and reports, using word processing software, either for disbursement to the client or for internal use.

In general, a computer has plenty of productivity software that a business can use to make its functions easier; this is software that enables a business to be much faster and more efficient that it was only 20 or 30 years ago.

Computers Are Used for Educational Purposes

Computers can be used to educate employees. A business can use a computer to educate the employees on such things as the company policy, software use, as well as standard procedures and safety.

Rather than hire teachers to teach its employees, a business can let employees learn what the employee needs, by learning at their own pace via webinars and live Q&A sessions. With the internet, a business' employees will have access to a world of information, and the business will not need to create all of its own educational content.

Computers also enable employees to learn in a way that they enjoy. Employees can learn via different media, such as videos, text, and even games, enabling them to better understand the subject matter.

Computers Are Used for Research

Computers allow a business to do a variety of things, including research about the competition, as well as what its customers want. With modern data-mining techniques, a business can acquire insightful information about its customers and competition from all kinds of places, including forums, search engines, industry-specific websites and even from social networks.

Learning Computer in Abuja

Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria is a city with offices, business and institutions that deploy computer technology in almost every aspect of their activities. From offices, to schools, to small and large business organization, you will find computers there, so for a job seeker with basic or advanced knowlegde in computer, getting a job will be relatively easier than for someone without one.

And for businesses or organizations that are yet to computerize thier activities, it high time they started doing so, because the world around them is rapidly changing faster than they can imagine.

So its important to locate an approved Computer training school in abuja today and enrol for any program of your choice. 



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