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Today, with the introduction of computer the role of secretary has gone beyond just answering phones and taking messages, organizing documents and paperwork, but also typing of documents, creating database for enquiries, organizing and scheduling online meetings, sending electronic mails, chat with clients online, resource materials for project as the case maybe and many more. Currently, secretary may also rely on a diverse set of computer skills [View Complete office suite package here] to help you succeed in their jobs.

Secretary duties and responsibilities

A secretary's duties can vary depending on where they work, and sometimes secretaries exceed their job requirements.

  • Answering and directing phone calls
  • Checking and replying messages
  • Maintaining company schedules
  • Organizing documents and files
  • Documenting financial information
  • Maintaining and ordering office supplies
  • Scheduling meetings and conferences
  • Implementing administrative procedures


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1. Answering and directing phone calls

One of the major roles of a Secretary may be responsible for answering office phone lines and directing each call to the appropriate individual. Oftentimes, secretaries are the individuals that handle inquiries calls, client calls and taking messages, and communicate with the appropriate person or department for action.


2. Checking and replying messages

Today, secretaries are directly in charge is checking and distributing memos, notes, electronic messages (e-mail) and other written communications. Additionally, secretaries may have exceptional communication and analytical skills to take on communication tasks like these


3. Maintaining company schedules

Secretaries are also commonly in charge of setting appointments with clients, vendors and shareholders. Secretaries may also be the individuals that keep staff on track with reminders and alerts for upcoming conferences or meetings the most effective means of communication both online and offline.

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4. Organizing documents and files

Keeping documents, records and files organized is another important task that secretaries can be expected to perform. Oftentimes, a company's documents, files and other records are stored within a computer database, and secretaries may frequently be expected to have the technical skills necessary to use these types of filing systems.


5. Documenting financial information

Another highly essential task that secretaries may take on is the documentation of expenses, earnings and other financial information. For instance, a secretary at a sales corporation might be responsible for documenting the revenue and sales numbers from the sales team's reports as well as the company's expenses and costs of operation. The secretary might then use spreadsheet software to organize financial data into specific financial reports for the company's CEO to analyze and approve.


6. Maintaining and ordering office supplies

Secretaries may also be the individuals responsible for keeping inventory records, collating and maintaining office supplies. The secretary may also be responsible for putting in orders for supplies that are out of stock. Keeping track of suppliers and getting in touch when necessary.


7. Organizing and conducting meetings

Along with scheduling meetings and conferences, secretaries may also take on the responsibility of organizing and conducting meetings, not only physical meeting but also electronic meeting as the case may be, sending meeting links to members or client. Then, the secretary may also conduct the meeting by discussing the important points of the conference and taking notes for the CEO and other decision-makers at the company.


8. Implementing administrative procedures

Secretaries might also play a role in developing and implementing company policies and various administrative procedures. For example, a medical secretary may develop a procedure for documenting patient treatment plans that includes following a set of steps to document medical information in a database. The secretary might then implement this new procedure by training nurses and staff on how to carry out the directives of the policy.

Because secretaries can take on a variety of different tasks and responsibilities, it can be crucial for secretaries to possess a wide range of skills like administrative skills, communication skills, customer service skills, technical skills, analytical and problem-solving skills. Secretaries may also rely on leadership skills to organize and direct office staff and procedures.

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