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What is the difference between securing a job and getting a job?

From the research carry out in among the job seekers in Abuja, Nigeria, it shown that over 90% of job seekers in Abuja and some other part of the country’s focus is how to getting a job and less than a 10% don’t just aimed at getting a job but focusing on how to their job after getting it.

Let quickly see the difference between the verbs “Get” and “Secure” though both can be used interchangeably when expressing oneself.

Get is very general in its meaning and simple and familiar in its use. Thus, one may get something by searching, by fetching, by extracting, by receiving, or as a return. It may suggest that the thing sought has been long desired or that it has come into possession only after the expenditure of considerable effort or the lapse of considerable time.

 Secure may suggest safe lasting possession or control or it may suggest the gaining of what is hard to come by (as by reason of rarity or competition for possession); thus, one secures, rather than gets or acquires, a rare stamp by offering a higher price than other interested persons will pay.

Securing a job means

  • Protecting from attack or danger; protect
  • Doing very thing possible to avoid anxiety or doubt; unafraid
  • Firm and not likely to fail; stable or confident
  • Free from the risk of loss; reliable.

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Why Must I take A Step to Secure My Job?

The uses of computer in our everyday life cannot be overemphasis.  Today in our schools, hospitals, clubs, churches, companies, even in sporting events the use of computer is being introduce based on its accuracy, speed and error detecting ability.

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As a result of this, many have been shown the exit door, some advised to acquire computer knowledge, while others are made irrelevant in the field they were formally kings.

Today, individuals with some level of computer literacy, have basic requirement of every job, as organization now prefers candidates with the strong computer skills. So having the Computer Knowledge will definitely open many doors for you in the future, however acquiring computer knowledge is no longer by choice but a necessity.  

How to Secure or Protect Your Job

  • Discharge all your duties with the best your ability for accuracy.
  • Be open for corrections/advices and be ready to make adjustment as quick as possible.
  • Research on how to work done better and faster even, if you have to use your spare time.
  • Get required computer knowledge for your job; even it will cost you money and time. [ View Course ]
  • Upgrade your ICT knowledge from time to time and attend seminars


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About Us 
Skilltouch Computers and Educational Services is a business enterprise located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, with expertise and experience in providing ICT Solutions and Educational Services in Abuja and throughout  Nigeria.  Our ICT services includes, computer training in the FCT Abuja and throughout Nigeria, technical skill training, local and wide area computer networking, surveillance system setup and management, and alternative  energy solutions anywhere in Nigeria. 


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Computer Training School

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Skilltouch Computer training center  & ICT School in Abuja ranks among the best ICT institutions in the FCT, a trusted center for practical computer skills aquisition. 

Our facilities include adequate computers, standard lecture rooms , free internet access, steady power supply and a team of competent and professional ICT instructors.

The computer schools' performance has been excellent, making it a destination for people from within and outside Abuja who desire the best in Computer Education.

From our ICT training center in Wuse zone 5, Abuja, we have trained  over ten thousand students in different computer fields and still counting.

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Technical Skills Acquisition

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 At Skilltouch Technical Skill acquisition center Abuja, we offer hands-on practical technical skill acquisition courses. Student learn how to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair a wide range of hardware and devices which include Solar Panels, Inverters, CCTV Cameras, Drones, Fiber Optic Cable, Biometric and Access control machines, and many more. Students are exposed to practical projects through our ICT consultancy services which undertakes numerous projects in Abuja and accros Nigeria.

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Skilltouch Academy, Abuja, Nigeria


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We own and operate full fledged schools and colleges in Abuja,  starting from Nursery to Secondary classes, our schools boast of standard facilities, experienced and qualified teaching / support staff and efficient curriculum delivery. It is located in Jikwoyi district of Abuja, the Federal Capital City of Nigeria, a serene and conducive environment, with ample space for sporting and recreational activities.


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 Pre - Versity College, FCT

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 This is a study center for students who are currently out of secondary school and want to sit for 'O'  or 'A' level exams in preparation for university admission. The classes are designed to prepare students for the following exams; UTME, SSCE, SAT, TOELF and Cambridge Exams. Students seeking direct entry into two hundred level in Nigerian Universities are also prepared for JUPEB and IJMB exams.


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Integrated Solutions

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 We offer a wide range of ICT solutions and services, we integrate the latest technological advancement with every  aspect of human endeavours such as agriculture, education, entertainment, real eastate, security, finance, construction and many more. Our software and hardware solutions are designed to help derive maximum benefit from the use of technology by individuals and coporate organisations to enhance thier productivity.

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